Oxineer Goes Through 10 Steps Quality Process

Mineral Drinking Water
10 August

Oxineer Goes Through 10 Steps Quality Process

Oxineer is a packaged mineral drinking water that offers you a taste of purity in life, enriched with all the goodness. Our skills, Knowledge & Experience in this area ensures you the quality of our water. Oxineer has been launched with a clear vision to become best service provider with a focus on high end strategic solutions along with the ultimate aim to evolve. We provide people the satisfactory product which tackles with all water related diseases, as we know 70% of disease in India are born due to consumption of adulterated water.

We believe in providing the Best!!

We deliver the highest quality mineral water which is ISI certified. We always recheck each and every step to avoid any mistake and give importance to quality and believe in maintaining highest possible standards in hygiene. We are equipped with in-house hi-tech laboratory that ensures the quality of the products. Our 10-step quality process is effective in removing un-dissolved impurities like dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses. So that we can deliver you the best.

Let’s have a glance towards our 10-Step Quality Process:

1. Careful Collection of Water

Water is used for various purpose like drinking, cooking, washing and for many household chores hence the source of water collection should be perfect. We believe in providing the best to our consumers by delivering them the best quality mineral water .

2. Chlorine Dosing

To destroy bacteria from water to prevent water from bacterial contamination.

3. Sand Filtration

Sand filters are used for the removal of suspended matter, as well as floating and sinking particles. The waste water flows in vertical direction through a fine bed of sand or gravel. Waste particles are removed by absorption or physical compression. Sand filters are the simplest system which can be used to obtain considerable yields. It can be placed in various phases of water management.

4. Carbon Filtration

Carbon Filters treat water by the method of absorption. When water passes through the activated carbon, the carbon acts like a sponge enclosed with a large surface area that absorbs contaminants in the water. After this, the activated carbon exerts a magnet like pull on the particular impurities and traps them inside the pores on its surface. The dissolved impurities transfer from the liquid to the pores with the most potent attractive forces.

5. Mineralization

In this process we add the right amount of essential minerals like (magnesium and potassium compounds) which makes our water healthy and also give it a sweet taste that makes it natural and pure.

6. Micro Filtration

This process is included to ensure that even the smallest micron particles are removed properly from the water. It helps to enhance the quality of water and make it perfect for consumption.

7. Reverse Osmosis

In this process excess minerals and salts are removed by forcing a solvent from a region of high solute concentration through a membrane to a region of low solute concentration by applying pressure.

8. UV System

UV System is used to kill the bacteria from the fine water.

9. Ozonation of water

Ozonation is a popular water treatment technique which includes infusion of ozone into water. Ozone is a three-oxygen atom(O3) composed gas, which is the most powerful oxidant. Ozonation is a kind of advanced oxidation process that involves the production of various reactive oxygen species that attack a wide range of organic components and microorganisms.

10. Careful Bottling

We give special attention towards packaging to avoid any external contamination. Oxineer ensures to provide only the best to the consumers.