Importance Of Minerals In Drinking Water

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2 Jan

Importance Of Minerals In Drinking Water

Nothing in this world is softer and flexible as water yet nothing can resist it. Water consist a lot of minerals within it, that’s why it is the most important thing to be alive. Minerals are required for a healthy and sound body. Many minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium are already present in tap water. Minerals help to maintain strong teeth-bones and healthy skin-hair. Minerals are very important for the growth and development of a healthy body.

When pure water touches the earth’s surface, the earth absorbs the water and it get mixed with minerals like calcium, aluminum and sodium which are very important and full of hundreds of benefits. But the fact is that these minerals which are very beneficial for our body also gets contaminated with other toxic substances present inside the soil. Due to extreme pollution, this water converts into the unhealthiest and unfit form which is not ideal for direct consumption.

How ground water is purified for drinking.

To remove traces of such harmful chemicals, biodegradable waste and bacteria people use water purifiers. While purifiers ensure that we drink pure and safe water. This is because most minerals are made up of molecules that are larger than water molecules, and when the water is passed by the way of the RO membrane, it gets filtered out of the water. RO purification is one of the most systematic methods of purification and according to research; the best water purifiers can remove elective 99% of impurities. Unfortunately, during this process of purification and filtration all the minerals inside the water, they also get filtered. Now the form of water we obtained after this process is clean but not ideal.

How can we maintain the presence of minerals in water?

However, the question come to light as to how can we maintain the presence of minerals in water while ensuring that the water is purified? While the biggest proportion of the minerals required by the body come from food, dietary supplements and water which are essential for health. This is why one must pick a water purifier which purifies the water and preserves the mineral content. One option is to choose UV water purifiers which efficiently destroy all germs and microbes with UV light. The other and the best choice is to invest in a packaged drinking which serves you the purest and safest form of water at your doorstep within affordable price and convenient packaging.

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We provide people the satisfactory product which tackles with all water related diseases, as we know 70% of diseases in India are born due to adulterated water. We give importance to quality and believe in maintaining highest possible standards in terms of hygiene. Oxineer production facilities have their own testing labs that ensure every product of Oxineer is made as per the quality guidelines. At Oxineer, we always value our customers with highest regards and we consider their needs, health and satisfaction. We ensure to offer hygienic, pure and safest form of drinking water. Our promise of goodness comes in multiple sizes that are perfect for your different occasions and purposes.

Let’s know more!!

What are the main functions of minerals?

Minerals help us to grow, stay healthy and develop. Our body utilizes minerals to perform various functions like building strong bones, builds immunity and increases your metabolism which helps you to stay active throughout the day. Minerals are cofactors for many enzymes that help to build a strong metabolism. It also helps in maintaining healthy nerve function that regulates muscle tone and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

Which minerals are important in water?

Minerals which are present in water are inorganic substances like rocks and metals. There are many familiar minerals which are classified in two groups: one is “important” and other is, “less important”. Important minerals are calcium, magnesium and potassium. If we talk about less important minerals, we have minerals like lead, arsenic, antimony, aluminum, barium etc.