Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water For Kids

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1 Jan

Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water For Kids

Water is essential for life and is very important for kids. A child's body requires plenty of water to be active, healthy and feel good. Water helps children to think faster, learn more, become active and stay happy and fresh throughout the day. Kids need water along with minerals so that it will help them in their growth and also helps them to stay healthy and fit. Do you know that 75 % of your child’s body is made up of water!

Here we have amazing benefits of drinking mineral water for kids:

Mineral water helps to remove dehydration.

Dehydrated body can make your kid's feel lazy. It also makes your child grumpy and tired. As we know 75 % of your child’s body is made up of water, so they require pure Mineral Drinking water which helps in getting healthy skin, hairs and also helps in good digestion. In a human body there is no storage system for water, so it is necessary that your child stays hydrated throughout the day.

Helps kids who are suffering from Asthma and Allergies.

Water plays a leading role in the growth of your child. All the cells in a body require water to function and more than half of the cell’s volume is filled up with water. That’s why proper water intake isn’t only important but also a need of a body. Due to lack of intake of water, kids usually face asthma and several kinds of allergies during their development period.

Water reduces the hunger pain.

Water helps to feel you fresh as well as it is proven that water helps in reducing hunger. It helps in separating hunger and thirst. Kids should drink 7-10 glass of water in a day. Many kids or even parents too who feel a lot of hunger even after a perfect food break, they really need a lot of water.

Water helps in reducing muscle pain.

Back pain, muscle or joint pain are not related to aging it can happen to children too. body pain or you can say pain in muscles are very common in growing children. A research says that 7-10 glasses of water in a day can definitely ease your body ache.

Proper water intake can help to resolve short term memory.

Quality Drinking water helps to maintain the supply of oxygen towards the brain. it also helps in reminding basic day to day things and helps a lot children in learning something. drinking water every day at a proper interval can help in improving memory loss even in old age.

Water reduces the risk of cancer.

a. drinking daily 5 glasses of water can slash the risk of colon cancer by 40%.

b. proper intake of water daily can decrease the risk of breast cancer by 75%.

c. a person who is drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily is 60% safer from having bladder cancer.

What to do - Sip or Guzzle?

If your kid sips water whole day then its totally okay it will help their body to keep hydrated and if your kid guzzles the water, it will help them to cleanse their body and it will help to maintain their digestive system.

Soda, Coffee or milk doesn't come under water.

Parents usually think that as long as their children are getting some form of liquid (juice, milk, soda) they are keeping their body hydrate. this is partially correct but sodas and juice contains sugar and sugar drains out all the water inside the body and can cause diarrhea or constipation issues. kids don’t need sugar and salt in excess amount, they need more water.

Let’s know more!!

How much amount of water kids should intake in a day?

As we know that 75 % of child's body is made up of water which means they need to maintain their water intake so that their body parts can work properly. a child should take 2liters of water in a day.

Which packaged mineral water is best for kids to drink?

Oxineer is a packaged drinking water that offers you the taste of purity in life, enriched with all the goodness and minerals that is perfect for kids. Oxineer impacts to all your body parts and keeps you away from diseases. It helps in relaxing your mind and enhances positivity inside you.