Top 10 Packaged Drinking Water Brands of India

Packaged Drinking Water
20 July

Top 10 Packaged Drinking Water Brands of India

When we talk about Best Mineral Water Brands in India, there are few brands that suddenly pop up in our mind. There is a great demand of packaged water during this pandemic. People want clean, hygienic, safe and pure water to drink and they should! Just imagine drinking unsafe and impure tap water daily! Who does this nowadays?

Here we have listed top 10 packaged water brands in India; let’s look upon some of the leading brands of the year.


Oxineer is the best mineral water company since 2015 that offers you the taste of purity in life, enriched with all the goodness. Their skills, Knowledge & Experience in this area ensures you the quality of oxineer. Oxineer has been launched with a clear vision to become one of the best service providing company with a focus on high end strategic solutions along with the ultimate aim to evolve. Their promise of goodness comes in multiple sizes that are perfect for your different occasions and purposes. Oxineer is available in 250 ML, 500 ML and 1L which are perfect companions for party, lunch boxes and entertaining your guests and many more.


We are very aware with this brand “Bisleri.” Parle’s bisleri is the most popular and demanding packaged drinking water brand in India and now it is the most common name for each and every citizen. Bisleri holds 40% of market shares in the water industry. Bisleri was purchased by parle group in 1969 from an Italian entrepreneur signor felice. Bisleri sells mineral water bottles in various sizes such a 500 ml, 1 liter, 2 liters, 5 liters and 20 liters at very affordable prices.


Kinley is one of best water brand in India. It holds 17% market shares in the water industry. Kinley is a brand of well known and very popular “Coca-Cola” in 2000 and is one of the best mineral water brand. Kinley comes in different sizes starting with 200ml to 5 liters. Its prices start with INR 6 to 45 which are very affordable and the packaging is also convenient.


Aquafina is one of the best mineral water company and also one of the top 10 water supplying brand. Aquafina has more than 15 manufacturing plants and holds 13% market share. Aquafina mineral water brand in India comes in different sizes like 300ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 2 liter and 25 liters. Aquafina water bottles are priced at INR 7 to 90 throughout the country.


Bailey is one of the best bottled water and a well known mineral water company. Bailey was formed in 1993and it is listed in top 10 mineral water brands in India. This list of top 10 mineral water brands is incomplete without Bailey. Bailey comes in various sizes 200ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 2 liters, 5 liters, 20 liters and 25 liters packaging and at a very affordable range. Bailey holds 3 % of market shares in drinking water industry.


Kingfisher is one of the most leading mineral water brand in India. There are many mineral water brands in the market but kingfisher has maintained its place on the top of the list. Kingfisher was founded in 1998 and is available in various sizes like 200ml, 500ml, 1liters, 5liters and 20 liters. Kingfisher is a very popular brand in the mineral water industry.


Himalayan water is one of the well established mineral water brand in India and also a part of Tata Global Beverages Group. Himalayan is the part of the top 10 mineral water brands. It is natural hence it is procured the shivalik range after being naturally filtered for almost 20 years. Himalayan Mineral water is available in various packaging in 300ml, 1 liter and 2 liters and sold at very reasonable prices.


Tata water plus is one of the top 10 mineral water companies in India. It is joint venture between Pepsi Co and Tata Global Beverages. Tata water Plus was started in 2010 and is headquartered at Gurugram , India. Tata has annual production capacity of over 20 million liters and is available in various sizes of 1liter, 5liters and 20 liters.


Rail neer is one of the most selling mineral water brand. Rail Neer is a part Government of India owned by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Rail Neer has daily production capacity of 0.10 milion liters and annual revenue of $20 milion. It is retailed in at more than 700 railway stations and served in over 1,000 trains to the passengers. Rail neer was established in 2003.


Qua is one of the leading and well known mineral water company in India and is owned by the Narang Group. It is one of the popular mineral water brands in India with it’s headquarter in Pune. Qua comes in two different sizes of 500ml and 1 Liter at affordable prices. Qua is retailed in different stores and sold in many premium hotels across the country.

Let’s know more!!

Which is the safest mineral bottled water to drink?

An Oxineer production facility has their own testing labs that ensure every product of Oxineer is made as per the quality guidelines. They always value customers with highest regards and consider their needs, health and satisfaction. Oxineer ensures to offer hygienic, pure and safest form of water which purely fit to drink.

What are the health benefits of drinking mineral water?

Mineral water helps to flush out toxins, improves your complexion, provides mental peace, promotes weight loss and improves digestion. It helps in relaxing your mind and enhances positivity inside you.